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Skin Care Oil

Rejuline Skin Care Oil is preservative-free and all natural with amazing effects and benefits for skin; Antiaging, Moisturizing and Soothing. This unique oil is quickly absorbed for a non-greasy finish.

This formula, suitable for all skin types! And draws benefits from watermelon seeds oil, coconut oil, plum kernels oil for the skin. Also the essential oil from lilium hybrid flower leaves an amazing and delicate scent of lilium on the skin. The formula is rich in omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids and vitamin E so it provides a burst of nutritious. There is another exclusive advantage of the product! That is the nourishing effects of the ingredients on the nails.

Rejuline skin care oil introduction

Skin & The Liver

People may cover the undesired features like spots on face by using makeup or face powders but in fact they prefer to have a shiny and refreshed skin with using minimum cosmetics.

Actually, skin is as a Window for looking inner state of the body. In other word, if the main cause of skin disorders especially the “liver problem” has not been fixed even expensive products of famous brands could not be a permanent solution. In fact, liver plays as “key role” in skin health. A healthy liver eliminates poisonous materials from nutrients so the body can dispose them by urine and skin sweating. If liver cannot do the job properly, we would be witness acne, black heads, white heads and macule on the skin. At the same time the skin would not be clear, shiny and even. The mentioned fact clears the relation between liver and skin. Another important liver function is breaking down the lipids and turning them into other compounds.

For example, if toxins gather in the liver a load of extra work will be impose to the liver so it cannot break down the lipids and turn them into other compounds so dandruff will be formed in skin and especially in hairs.

Liver Dysfunctions

The “liver” name has been derived from the word “Live” so it means that it can basically prepare whatever it needs to stay alive! The liver health could guarantee our life, specially our immune system and also affects the body features like skin health and feeling.

In today’s world, the liver has to work harder than ever before, and all over the world we find that liver problems are increasing. Globally, 1 in every 10 persons suffers with some type of liver dysfunction.

One of the main causes of liver dysfunction is fall of metabolism in liver cells. Since metabolism plays the most important role in keeping the cells of different organs alive, it is obvious that fall in metabolism level can result in uncomfortable feelings in young and aged groups of people as follow:

A) Fall in Immune system: Because Immune system is responsible to fight against viruses and bacteria, fall in the system leads to increase the risk of infections

B) Chronic diseases: Diabetes, hypertension, hyper cholesterol, fatty liver, constipation, hemorrhoid

When age increases, decreasing in metabolism level can logically cause many different chronic diseases due to the body cells’ dysfunctions.

C)Skin disorders: Acne, black heads, white heads and macule on the skin, skin roughness, skin darkness especially on the eyelid, itching without clinical diagnosis and reason, nail disorders, wrinkles

D) Overweight based disorders: Pre diabetic state, obesity, daytime sleepiness, chronic fatigue.

The Benefits of Nodibet

Premium supplement and innovative formula which improves immune system and boosts metabolism; helps to activate liver, skin, kidneys, bowel, muscles, glands. In fact the product is effective and helpful in chronic diseases.

Nodibet is the first Hard gel liquid capsule to improve the metabolism that contains exclusive cold pressed oils (prepared under 25° C) without any heating procedure within production and filling.

Some advantage of the dosage form: It is absorbed faster and is more readily. The dosage amounts can be more easily controlled and generally is easier to swallow.

Negate the risk of oxidation process (in powder form capsules) that may damage vulnerable ingredients like essential oils.

Rejuline Skin Care Protocol (RSCP)

The protocol consists of the daily use of Nodibet capsules plus Rejuline Skin Care Oil.

Rejuline believes that if as parallel as skin we care of the liver then we can expect to reach a good quality of the skin and protect it from different disorders. Rejuline skin care protocol