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Rejuline innovations
Rejuline Skin Care Base:

People may cover the undesired features like spots on face by using makeup or face powders but in fact they prefer to have a shiny and refreshed skin with using minimum cosmetics. Actually skin is as a Window for looking inner state of the body. In other words, if the main cause of skin disorders, especially the “liver problem”, has not been fixed, even expensive products of famous brands could not be a permanent solution; In fact liver plays as “key role” in skin health. A healthy liver eliminates poisonous materials from nutrients so the body can dispose them by urine and skin sweating. If liver cannot do the job properly, we would be witness acne, black heads, white heads and macule on the skin. At the same time the skin would not be clear, shiny and even. The mentioned fact clears the relation between liver and skin. Another important liver function is breaking down the lipids and turning them into other compounds.

For example, if toxins gather in the liver a load of extra work will be impose to the liver so it cannot break down the lipids and turn them into other compounds so dandruff will be formed in skin and especially in hairs.

Skin Care Oil Formula:

The idea of innovating such product was offering a skin care product by eliminating chemical compounds from formula.

All skin care creams and lotions consist of chemical compounds like emulsifiers, thickeners, preservatives and fragrances. The purpose of using these chemical compounds are only stabilizing the formula but all will be absorbed by skin while applying the product. The amount of the chemical compounds are between 10 to 30 percent of the formula.

Water + Oil + Chemical Stabilizers + Active ingredients + Preservatives + Fragrances + Temperature (up to 70 C) = Cream (or lotion)

Nodibet Formula:

All the cells need Energy to act and do their job in the body. The Energy comes from Glucose Metabolism in cytoplasm of the cells so Metabolism plays the most important role in keeping the cells alive. It is obvious that a fall in Metabolism level can result in diseases subsequent to the malfunction of the cells.

Based on Rejuline ® Theory, “Decrease in Metabolism” can take place in all organs or tissues, so “an organ or a tissue could become “diabetic” itself! Rejuline ® Theory explains that the reason for resistance to medicines which occurs in most of the people who suffer from chronic diseases is due to the above mentioned fact that is why diabetic people use medicines with the doses higher than the other groups (non-diabetic people). Based on this reasoning, Rejuline ® has given solutions for several chronic problems caused by “Metabolism deficiency”

Life See-Saw

Today’s human science cannot explain the exact reasons of the fall in metabolism and immune system in the body.

Rejuline theory explains that there are two reasons for the decrease of metabolism and immune system power:

A) Internal causes:

1) Diseases like hormonal disorders “Insulin  deficiency”.

2) Age: when the age increases the metabolism rate would fall and vice versa! So by raising the metabolism rate in the body, the person will feel more energetic; feeling younger! with a good performance in immune system.

B) External causes:

Rejuline theory defines that Electromagnetic waves are one of the main causes of the falls in metabolism of the body. Therefore by progress of technology which leads to the increase in Electromagnetic waves in the world and due to the effects of this waves on metabolism the chronic diseases prevalence is increasing in the world.

Chronic Disease:

Rejuline® believes that decreased metabolism is the cause of many chronic problems such as: fatigue, chronic constipation, depression caused by chronic fatigue, obesity caused by chronic fatigue and immobility, Chronic hyperglycemia despite the use of diabetic medicines (type II diabetes), high blood cholesterol levels, fatty liver, leg swelling, excessive daytime drowsiness (even during working hours), decreased renal function, decreased of concentration, Neuropathy (pain on foot).


The reason is Metabolism fault in the body. NODIBET restores the Metabolism, Improves body responses to Medicines, Helps to regulate the blood sugar and is a Relief of Neuropathy pains.


Falling of Metabolism in bowel cells’ is the cause! NODIBET restores the Metabolism, Improves the quality of life, Reduces Laxatives. Feel more comfortable! Frees you from being on diet, Prevents from hemorrhoid.

Chronic Fatigue:

This is due to Metabolism fault in muscle cells and the output of energy in the muscles falls! NODIBET restores the metabolism, improves the quality of life! Helps you feel fresh and be more active! Frees you from day time sleepiness.

High Blood Cholesterol Level:

The cause is falling Metabolism of liver cells. NODIBET restores the metabolism, improves the quality of life, helps you feel lighter and reduce the medicine and have a better blood circulation! Frees you from day time sleepiness.

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness:

The cause is liver function! Its Metabolism has been failed. NODIBET restores the Metabolism, helps you  Feel Fresh and Increase your concentration and Be more reactive! Frees you from day time sleepiness.


This is due to the Metabolism fault in the bowel cells. NODIBET restores the metabolism, improves the quality of life and helps you feel more comfortable! Frees you from being on diet.

Fatty Liver:

The reason is falling in metabolism rate of liver cells. NODIBET restores the metabolism, improves the quality of life, helps you  feel lighter and  more comfortable while sporting! Lowers blood lipids! Frees you from day time sleepiness.