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Premium food supplement by an innovative formula for modulating the Immune system and boosting metabolism in the body.

Nodibet® could help Auto- Immune diseases to be treated. Meanwhile, allergic disorders are the most common auto-immune diseases for which Nodibet® is being recommended. Also, Nodibet® could help diabetic people in the way of increasing the natural metabolism in the body and decreasing the dosage of their medicines consequently. Related symptoms in diabetic people would be relieved after consuming Nodibet® capsules.
The benefits of Nodibet®
Nodibet® specially could help Auto- Immune diseases to be treated. Meanwhile allergic disorders are the most common auto-immune diseases for which Nodibet® is being recommended. Nodibet® capsule could be consumed in cases of all types of the auto-immune base diseases. The product also helps diabetic people to keep the blood sugar concentration close to the range by lower dose of their routine medicines.
How it works?

The formula improves the allergic disorders via modulating immune system activity. Propolis which is a honey bee hive product and rich in flavonoids acts very important role in the formula. Also, the cold pressed oils in the formula that contains Omega-3 fatty acids acts as free radical scavenger in the body to modulate immune system activities.
By modulating and improving the immune system activity the allergic symptoms would be relieved and the fatigue and chronic pains would be decreased.
The liver is the factory of our body. Ingredients of Nodibet® help liver cells to work and stay active with a normal metabolism as well as helping cells in the body to have better response to insulin, so consuming of the glucose would be improved consequently.
The liver provides all the elementary agents which are needed for healthy skin, muscles and glands.
Improving the liver function will lead to improve the body function, especially the metabolism.
Since metabolism plays the most important role in keeping the cells of different organs alive, it is obvious that fall in metabolism level can result in uncomfortable feelings.

Nodibet® is the first liquid capsule which is formulated by the exclusive seed oils to modulate the Immune system and improve metabolism.

How to use
Take up to 3 capsules daily, before or after the meal. Daily dose could be adapted according to the intensity of the symptoms.
The formula

100% cold pressed Flaxseed oil (linum usitatissimum L.  Seed oil), Red pepper seed oil (Capsicum annum var. Longum sendth, fruit seed oil), Propolis oily extract.