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Nodibet is not a medicine. It is a premium food supplement with an innovative formula designed to modulate the immune system, enhance liver cell function, and boost metabolism. Nodibet is manufactured using a cold process in hard gel liquid capsules to ensure the stability and efficacy of its natural ingredients.

Nodibet helps modulate the immune system, resulting in improved cell function, especially in the liver. This leads to reduced symptoms of eczema, arthritis, fatigue, and allergies, enhancing overall liver performance. Diabetic individuals may experience increased energy, reduced blood sugar levels, and relief from leg pain or fatigue. For those with diabetic foot numbness, daily application of Rejuline Skin Care Oil is recommended to prevent wounds.

Nodibet® is an innovative natural product for liver problems. It helps the auto-immune disorder in the body to be controlled so the related diseases would have a better response to the treatments. Meanwhile, Nodibet® is recommended for allergic disorders which are the most common auto-immune diseases.

  • Propolis: Enhances immune system modulation and aids in managing type 2 diabetes. Nodibet’s formulation improves the absorption of Propolis, ensuring it effectively benefits organs, particularly the liver.

  • Flaxseed Oil: Extra virgin cold-pressed flaxseed oil in Nodibet enriches the supplement with essential nutrients, supporting diabetes management.

  • Red Pepper Seed Oil: A rich source of antioxidants, it supports liver function and diabetes management, making Nodibet a pioneering health supplement.

Nodibet stands out as the first product worldwide to include Propolis in liquid form, allowing for effective absorption and delivery to the liver. Additionally, it incorporates cold-pressed red pepper seed oil and flaxseed oil, making it unique in the supplement industry. The capsules are filled with nitrogen to prevent oxidation, and the gelatin used is sourced from fish, recognized globally for its quality.

Autoimmune disorders, affecting over 80 diseases, primarily target the liver. Nodibet’s innovative formulation ensures that Propolis, red pepper seed oil, and flaxseed oil are efficiently absorbed, reducing liver inflammation and increasing overall body energy.

As well as helping all types of auto-immune diseases to be treated, Nodibet® is beneficial for diabetic individuals by helping them maintain their blood sugar levels within a desired range so that they can use lower doses of their regular medications. It also helps them in the way of increasing the natural metabolism in the body, and symptoms related to diabetes would be relieved after consuming Nodibet® capsules.

Take 1-2 Nodibet capsules daily with a meal for optimal absorption.

All natural oils

Nodibet® is a groundbreaking natural product designed to support liver health and control autoimmune disorders. It benefits diabetic individuals by helping maintain blood sugar levels and enhancing metabolism, ultimately improving related symptoms.



Nature’s Touch
for a
Flawless Skin

With Rejuline, experience the luxury of premium oils, meticulously blended to combat all your skin concerns, leaving you with a complexion that’s not just beautiful but naturally healthy.




Provides deep moisturization to soothe eczema’s dry, itchy patches, enhancing skin comfort.


Alleviates the redness and scaling associated with psoriasis, promoting smoother skin.


Calms inflammation and irritation from dermatitis, restoring skin’s natural barrier.


Intensely hydrates to combat dryness, leaving skin soft and supple.


Nature’s Best, Delivered to Your Skin

Our Rejuline Skin Care Oil is a testament to purity and efficiency. Cold hand-pressed to preserve the integrity of its natural ingredients, our oil guarantees the highest quality and potency. This meticulous process ensures that every drop of Rejuline is a concentrated blend of nature’s most powerful elements, ready to transform your skin.

Rejuline skin care oil

Experience the Miracle



Unveil the beauty of your skin with Rejuline Skin Care Oil, a natural, cold hand-pressed treasure that nourishes and revitalizes your skin. Embrace the power of our groundbreaking Italian formula, trusted to deliver remarkable results.



Experience the innovation of our Italian formula, a pioneering blend that sets new standards in skin care. Crafted with precision and care, this formula not only addresses your immediate skin concerns but also works proactively to prevent future imperfections. Trust Rejuline to bring the best of Italian skincare innovation to your daily routine, offering unmatched results and a luxurious experience.


Watermelon Seed

The hydrating world of Watermelon Seed Oil, a lightweight marvel that deeply moisturizes without clogging pores. Its nourishing properties regulate skin’s moisture balance, making it a perfect ally for all skin types.

plum kernel

The luxurious touch of Plum Kernel Oil, a rich source of antioxidants and fatty acids that revitalizes and protects the skin, imparting a youthful glow and enhancing skin’s natural elasticity.

coconut oil

The soothing embrace of Coconut Oil, renowned for its exceptional moisturizing and healing attributes. It forms a protective barrier, keeping your skin soft and supple throughout the day.

lilium extract

The regenerative power of Lilium Extract, a potent remedy that rejuvenates and repairs skin at the cellular level. Its anti-inflammatory qualities make it a soothing solution for sensitive skin.


Are you ready
to end your skin problems?

Try Rejuline Today! Embrace the power of nature and experience the transformation. Click to order your bottle and start your journey to flawless skin with Rejuline Skin Care Oil.

  • Improves skin cell function and features (in cases of eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis)

  • Prevents diabetic foot wounds

  • Effective for women with hair loss disorders

It is an exclusive product made with 100% natural compounds. It aids individuals suffering from eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and diabetes by improving skin damage and promoting the rejuvenation of skin cells. Additionally, it helps alleviate skin dryness and reduces the risk of acne. The formula is all-natural, free of corticosteroids, and preservative-free, providing amazing effects and benefits for the skin and nails. It comes in an innovative, user-friendly bottle enabling precise, drop-by-drop application, perfect for targeting specific areas such as around the nails and the scalp. This product features an advanced Italian formula with a liposomal structure that incorporates cold-pressed oils from watermelon seeds, plum kernels, and coconut. These extra virgin oils, along with Lilium hybrid essential oil, are being used in a skin care product for the first time globally.

Rejuline skin care oil stands out as a truly innovative and unique product globally. It harnesses the power of valuable natural ingredients to maintain healthy skin. The exceptional benefits of cold-pressed watermelon seed oil, validated by numerous academic studies, highlight its effectiveness in skin care. This formula also features virgin cold-pressed seed oils, which are abundant in herbal Omega-3 fatty acids, serving as potent antioxidants that combat inflammation in the body. Such inflammation can affect not only body cells but also the skin, potentially leading to various disorders. In cases of acne, for example, the inflammation targets the skin’s pores directly, exacerbating the condition. Rejuline oil addresses these issues by nourishing the skin and reducing inflammation, promoting a healthier complexion.

Rejuline Skin Care Oil is highly effective in alleviating symptoms associated with eczema and dermatitis, such as itching. With regular application, it improves the skin’s condition daily. To address the underlying causes of inflammation in the body, pairing Rejuline oil with Nodibet capsules is advisable. This combination helps modulate the immune system, enhancing cellular functions and particularly improving liver health.

For diabetics experiencing numbness in their feet, regular use of Rejuline Skin Care Oil is strongly recommended to prevent diabetic foot wounds. Pairing Skin Care Oil and Nodibet also helps diabetic individuals feel more energetic and maintain lower blood sugar levels, potentially reducing the need for daily diabetes medication. Additionally, it alleviates pain and fatigue in the legs, making it an essential part of daily diabetic care.


Rejuline offers a unique skin care experience, suitable for application on the skin, face, around the eyes, lips, nails, scalp, and hands. A few drops are sufficient for each use. The specially designed bottle ensures that each application is controlled, avoiding waste and making the product last longer. Made with valuable virgin cold-pressed oils from watermelon seeds, plum kernels, and coconut, Rejuline nourishes the skin deeply, leaving it soothed, softened, and visibly brighter. The virgin cold-pressed seed oils contained in the formula are rich in herbal Omega-3 fatty acids, serving as potent antioxidants that combat inflammation in the body.

Addressing Autoimmune-Related Skin Damage

Skin damage in eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis is caused by autoimmune reactions in different layers of the skin. In diabetic individuals, autoimmune reactions can lead to neuropathy in the feet, resulting in weakened skin and increased risk of wounds. Additionally, autoimmune reactions can cause hair loss and hair weakness in women.

Free radicals have been identified as the primary trigger for arachidonic acid metabolism in cell membranes. The byproducts of this metabolism cause inflammation, potentially exacerbating autoimmune diseases. These free radicals can be absorbed and neutralized by antioxidant agents. The natural unsaturated fatty acids in Rejuline® Skin Care Oil fulfill this role effectively. Scientists believe that antioxidants could prevent and decrease inflammation. .…

How to Use

Wash the skin and wait a few minutes. Turn the cap to open the bottle. Turn the bottle upside down. The oil drops onto the skin slowly. Some drops are enough! Dispense the oil on the area gently. For the face, you can drop the oil onto your fingers, then dispense the product on your face and rub the area. To ensure even distribution of the oil across all areas of the face, including the eyelids, it is recommended to use a mirror during application. There are no restrictions on the frequency of use for this product. Apply as needed, particularly in cases of skin dryness.


Due to the inclusion of several cold-pressed seed oils in its formula, Rejuline® Skin Care Oil is now a unique product in the world. It contains cold-pressed watermelon seed oil, plum kernel oil, coconut oil, and lily hybrid flower essential oil. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory effects while Watermelon seed oil and Plum kernel oil are full of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 products contain unsaturated fatty acids, making them some of the most popular food supplements worldwide. Since 1995, the market for these products has grown globally, and they continue to be widely prescribed by physicians to help treat various chronic diseases.

Flaxseeds oil

Extracted from Flaxseeds by cold press method.

Benefits: Reduces cholesterol, Decreases insulin resistance

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Propolis oily extract

Propolis extract in soybean seed oil.

Benefits: Improves immune system activity, Anti-inflammatory properties, wound healing, anti-bacteria, anti-virus and fungi, local anesthetic, anti-ulcer, reducing blood pressure.

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Red pepper seeds oil

Extracted from Red pepper seeds by cold press method.

Benefits: Improves Metabolism and Modulates immune system, Hypotensive, Anti-diabetic and Anti-obesity effects.

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