Rejuline Skin Care Oil is preservative-free and all natural with amazing effects and benefits for skin; Anti-aging, Moisturizing and Soothing and is helpful in dryness and dermatitis. This unique oil is quickly absorbed for a non-greasy finish.

Quick absorption, Skin softening and brightening, Helpful in dryness and dermatitis, Reduces acne risk, Vanishing skin impurities, Emollient and nourishing 

%100 natural compounds No preservatives (paraben free) Innovative and user friendly bottle design

Wash the skin and wait some minutes. Turn the cap to open the bottle. Keep the bottle head down. The oil drops on skin slowly

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects of coconut oil and properties of other components could help to prevent and cure acne .…

We believe that concurrent liver and skin care can give you a healthy and lively skin. The protocol consists of Nodibet capsules plus Rejuline skin care oil
Rejuline Skin Care Protocol

All natural oils

Coconut oil

Extracted from coconut by cold press method.

Benefits: Anti Inflammatory, Anti-Microbial effect, Helps to Prevent Acne,

Moisturizes dry Skin, Helps for healing of wound.

Can be found in
Plum kernels oil

Extracted from Plum kernels by cold press method.

Benefits: Moisturizing, anti-aging, Anti-oxidants
High in unsaturated fatty acids.

Can be found in
Watermelon seeds oil

Extracted from Watermelon seeds by cold press method.

Benefits: Removes Dark Circles, Detoxifying, Anti-aging and Anti-inflammatory effects, High in unsaturated fatty acids.

Can be found in
Lilium hybrid flower essential oil

Benefits: Promotes Skin Health

Can be found in