Prevent from Alcohol Dermatitis

Daily and frequent use of alcohol removes the natural essential fat from the skin so after a while dermatitis will be appeared as a secondary disease!  However for the people who are suffering from chronic dermatitis and eczema is very difficult to use alcohol base product to disinfect their hands.

Advantage of Rejuline skin care oil:

By using the product you can sooth and soften your skin.The essential fatty acids in the product will easily be replaced for the lost fat in the skin. Because of the anti-oxidant effect of the ingredients, Rejuline skin care oil helps to relief the signs of inflammation and dryness due to alcohol.

How to use

Apply some drops of Rejuline skin care oil on the hand and rub it gently and leave it to be absorbed. Repeat it when you feel dryness on the skin.

Improve body Immunity

To prevent from infections the immune system plays the main role in the body.

Nodibet is the first liquid capsule which has Propolis which has been known as a potent agent in nature to kill the viruses and bacteria. Also it has been proved that Propolis improves immune system to fight against viruses and bacteria. That is why various products of Propolis has been formulated for flu and also as immune system modulator in the world.

Also in the history the red pepper has been known as the best natural agent to improve the immune system so people in the world even believe that red pepper helps the body to fight against the cancer cells.

How to use

Take two capsules daily, preferably before the meal.

Rejuline Skin Care Oil is preservative-free and all natural with amazing effects and benefits for skin; Antiaging, Moisturizing and Soothing. This unique oil is quickly absorbed for a non-greasy finish.

100% cold pressed watermelon seeds oil, plum kernels oil, Coconut oil and essential oil of lilium hybrid flower. All natural & essential oils

People may cover the undesired features like spots on face by using makeup or face powders but in fact they prefer to have a shiny and refreshed skin with using minimum cosmetics.

The “liver” name has been derived from the word “Live” so it means that it can basically prepare whatever it needs to stay alive! The liver health could guarantee our life, specially our immune system and also affects the body features like skin health and feeling. …

Premium supplement and innovative formula which improves immune system and boosts metabolism; helps to activate liver, skin, kidneys, bowel, muscles, glands. In fact the product is effective and helpful in chronic diseases.

We believe that only with a concurrent “liver and skin” care we can expect a healthy and lively skin.
The protocol consists of the daily use of Nodibet capsules plus Rejuline Skin Care Oil. 

The benefits of Linolife capsule

Premium food supplement by innovative formula for modulating of Immune system of the body.   Linolife specially could help auto immune diseases to be treated.  Meanwhile Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common disease for which the Linolife has been recommended. In this regard, Free radicals have been known as the main agent in the tissues to cause the auto immune base inflammations.

In inflamed tissue, free radicals could be absorbed and scavenged by herbal unsaturated fatty acids of Linolife capsule and the pain could be relieved consequently.

Linolife capsule could be consume in all auto immune base diseases. 

How it works?

Since free radicals has been discovered as main agent to start arachidonic acid metabolism in cell membrane so the inflammatory mediators be released in the tissues most of the scientist as well as the people are thinking and talking about anti-oxidant agents which could be received  via foods and also medicines.

OMEGA 3 capsules are the most common product in the world for this purpose that it’s market has been grown in countries since 1995.

Also Omega 3 products have unsaturated fatty acids.

That is why omega 3 products even are being widely prescribed by physicians to help for treating different chronic diseases because it has been believed.

In the Linolife capsule, besides the unsaturated fatty acids the special benefits of the valuable seeds properties makes expecting special effects and feeling in the body by consuming the product.

Because of some seed oil inside the product Linolife capsule is a unique product in the world now!

Cold pressed fig seed oil and red pepper seed oil!

Also a few products could be found in the world having cold pressed pomegranate seed, flaxseed and grape seed oil all in one formula.

How to use

Take up to 4 capsules daily, before or after the meal.

Daily dose could be adapted according to the intensity of the inflammation (pain).                                                         

The formula

100% cold pressed Black cumin seed oil (Nigella sativa, seed oil) Fig seed oil (Ficus carica, seed oil), Red pepper seed oil Capsicum annum var. Longum sendth, fruit seed oil),

Grape seed oil (Vitis vinifera, seed oil), Olive seed oil (Olea europaea, seed oil), Pomegranate seed oil (Punica granatum, seed oil), Flaxseed oil (linum usitatissimum L.  Seed oil)

All natural oils